Frames/cubes and paperweights

If you are ready to confirm how you would like to have your preserved flowers displayed please complete this form so that we can proceed with your order

Should you need help or an appointment at our studio to view your flowers please call us 01256 882422 we will be delighted to assist you.


Please see below the form for more information which might be useful to you when completing this form.


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Framing Requirements


Colour/type and size of frame that you require. If the frame that you would like is not in the drop down list please detail next to the frame size below.

Size and style frame required


Please confirm the size frame you require here. If you are unsure please refer to the frame suggestion that we emailed to you when the flowers were preserved.


Optional Extras


Your picture will come with a single cream mount

Addition mounts are £13-£45 each

( Depending upon the size of your frame )

Please confirm how many you would like and the colours required .

The example above is of an additional lilac mount.

Glass Engraving

This is an optional extra £40.00, we can engrave the glass for you usually with your Christian names and wedding date in the bottom centre of your picture. Example...

Sophie and Edward

19th June 2015

A beautiful addition to your picture

Please enter names below

Please enter date below

Please enter other information to be engraved

A Keepsake For Someone Special

It can be a lovely idea to have a small keepsake made using some of the flowers from your bouquet for somebody special, we offer these at £50.00 for 8x6 antiqued gold oval frame.



If you would prefer an alternative frame, you can choose any from our complete collection at half price.

To take advantage of this


please complete a separate frame order form accordingly



Your Flowers

Optional Extras

Replacement Flowers

If any of your flowers did not arrive at our studio in good condition , you may like to consider having some replacements added to your display.

We do not charge any extra preservation costs for this service however if you would like us to source these for you there is an additional charge of *£40.00.



*Please read our terms and conditions regarding this .

If you do not request replacement flowers,we will proceed with your order on the understanding that, for sentimental reasons you only require your original flowers in the display whatever their condition.

Unused Flowers

We do not return left over flowers, ribbons or other items unless you instruct us to.

There is a charge £50.00 for this service for orders over £200 or £100 for orders under £200.

Please indicate here if you would like us to add this to your invoice.


Collection/Return Courier

We strongly recommend that your preserved bouquet/flowers are collected in person.

If your bouquet is less than 14 x 26 inches in size . It is possible we can arrange a return courier at a cost £17-£35 depending upon the size of your picture including packaging.


Please indicate if this will be required



Although we have photographed your flowers if you have picture from your wedding day of your flowers it will greatly assist our artist.

Please Click Here to email us with a picture of your bouquet.

Alternatively if you wish to take advantage of our design service (£25.00) please confirm this in the box below.



Additional Notes

Paperweights/Acrylic Cubes/Any Other Comments/Messages


It is important that you instruct us in writing in this section of this form any special requirements that you have.


Items to be included in your display.

Please detail in this box whether you would like any additional items such as buttonholes/ ribbon/ beads/ photographs included in your picture.If you do not do this we cannot guarantee that they will be included.

Hand tied Bouquets

Please confirm whether you require a birds eye view or side profile




Available in 3.5"

1 x Paperweight £160

   2 x Paperweights £110 each

3 x Paperweights £100 each

4 x Paperweights £90 each

5 x Paperweights £70 each


£75 each if purchased with a framed picture or cube

Please note that not all preserved flowers are suitable for encapsulation in this way. If you have concerns about this please call us to discuss before placing your paperweight order.

Unless advised to use specific flowers we will choose the ones that we feel are most suitable to use from those sent to us.  

It is impossible to guarantee the final colour of the specimen as all flowers may react when encapsulated. 

We cannot take responsibility for any air bubbles or particals that may become loose once your flowers have been encapsulated.


Acrylic Cubes

If you do not want to have your bouquet framed but would prefer to have it presented in a cube. Please could you advise us in the comments box. We will then get back to you to confirm whether your bouquet will be suitable for this and if so a quote.

Other Instructions

Please use the box to the right if you have any other comments or messages for Precious Petals.









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Please advise us if you would like us to charge your second stage deposit to the credit or debit card that you paid your first stage deposit on.

( To work out what this will be please see the example above )




I confirm that I have read and agree to the "Terms and Conditions of Sale" and I understand that my flowers will have changed colour and texture when they are preserved.

Please call us to make your next payment so that we may proceed with your order

01256 882422 .

Once we receive your order form we will forward to you within 7 days a final invoice and estimated completion date .It is IMPORTANT that you contact us if for any reason you do not receive this from us to avoid any delays with your order.

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Things to consider you might like to consider

The most popular way to present your flowers is as a framed picture , this is mainly due to

            to go through any further treatment processes.

However, if you would prefer to have your flowers displayed as a free standing piece it is possible for some bouquets to be presented in an acrylic cube.

Individual flowers can be displayed in paperweight.

If you are interested in these alternatives please call us to discuss the suitability of your preserved flowers.


1.Design and layout

Hand Tied Bouquets




   Standard Birds Eye         Side Profile     Birds Eye with photo


We can display your hand tied bouquet as a birds eye view ,alternatively you can opt for a side profile or birds eye view and include a photograph and buttonhole .

If you would prefer a side profile display or would like us to include a photograph you will require a larger frame. Please therefore add 3 inches to the size that we have recommended to you. The cost of this is an additional £50.00.

Tear Drop ,Shower and Sheaf Bouquets



Our frames are hand made to your specifications by our expert framer

Designs Created by our artists





If you would like something a little bit different our artists will sketch for you three original designs for you to choose from taking elements of your bouquet .

The cost of our design service is £35.00.

Please call us on 01256 882422 if you would like more information about this service.

Acrylic Cubes and Paperweights

Also available please call for more details or complete the form below.


Available in 3.5"

1 x Paperweight £160

2 x Paperweights £110 each

3 x Paperweights £100 each

4 x Paperweights £90 each

5 x Paperweights £70 each


£75.00 each if purchased with a framed picture or cube

It is impossible to guarantee the final colour of the specimen as all flowers may react when encapsulated. We cannot take responsibility for any air bubbles or particals that may become loose once your flowers have been encapsulated.

Unless advised to use specific flowers we will choose the ones that we feel are most suitable to use from those sent to us.  


                                 Starting at £300




2.Please choose your frame from our collection


            The black / dark wood collection

                                The lightwood collection

          The Silver collection

The gold collection


Larger images can be seen on our frame styles page or please click on the pictures on the right.


If you would like us to send to you some samples of our frames

( We charge £5.00 for up to three samples ) please call 01256 882422 or email us



Completion of your picture/s will be approximately 12-16 weeks from when we receive this form and second stage deposit.

Example: How to work out your second stage deposit
12 x12 Black Frame (A)
Additional Sage Mount
Replacement flowers
Glass engraving
Return Courier
Less payments made
Second stage deposit due now  



Balance due upon completion

(approximately 16 weeks time )




4.Additional Pictures

A lovely thank-you for those who were part of your special day.


If you would like any additional pictures to your main preserved bouquet you can choose any frame from our complete range for half price.

To take advantage of this special offer ,please complete a separate frame order form for each picture required.


Precious Petals is the trading name for Precious Petals Limited

VAT Reg No. 742 5396 22

Prices are correct at time of printing, E & OE.





Modern Black ( A )


Modern Dark wood Gold line ( D )

Speckled silver ( G )

Modern Silver ( H )


Antiqued Silver ( I )

Pewter ( R )


"Thank-you for preserving my bouquet so beautifully.

It arrived safely and intact and we are so happy with the final result.

We are proudly showing it off to friends and family who are so impressed with it.

It is proudly on display in our home and we have a beautiful everlasting keepsake of our special day.

Thank-you once again "

Kind Regards

Fiona and Paul



Distressed White



Wedding Bouquet Preservation specialists and Pressed Flower Preservation Specialists

"I would firstly like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to you and your colleagues for all the hard work you have put into preserving and framing my bridal bouquet for me. It was truly breathtaking when I saw it and best of all is the opportunity I had to be able to keep this for life as an extra memory of my wedding day."

Ravi Dhillon-Verma

The Wedding Bouquet & Flower Preservation Specialists

Tel: 01256 882 422

"Just wanted to say thank you for my bouquet which arrived in an exceptionally large well packed box, had to be, with an extra large specially made frame, it was like Christmas all over again.The bouquet arrived in great condition and looks fantastic. I have to say that your service was personal yet very professional so thanks for a great reminder."

Tina Walters

Beech ( E )


Cottage Pine ( F )


Oak ( Special Order )

"I would just like to say a very big thank you to you and your team, for our daughters framed bouquet and my keepsake.They are beautiful, my daughter was extremely pleased.This has given us, not only precious memories, but also personal mementos to pass down. I will certainly recommend you! Thank you so much."

Barbara Olbison



"I felt that I would like to take the time to say how pleased and thrilled my daughter is with her preserved wedding bouquet.

You have taken a great deal of time and care in the preservation and presentation of her bouquet.

After hanging the picture in her living room wall, the light catches the colours of the roses beautifully.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional services and will undoubtedly give my recommendation to my friends and family."

R. J. Flower



Bronze ( K )


Modern Gold ( L )


Speckled Gold ( M )

Antiqued Gold ( N )